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Oct 16, 2018

Speech Recognition using Microsoft Dictate

A brief description of Dictate, a Microsoft Garage product for speech recognition.

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If you have struggled with Microsoft speech recognition in the past, you may want to try Microsoft Dictate. This is a new speech recognition product developed by Microsoft Garage. It enables large documents to be created using spoken words without having to make a lot of corrections.

Microsoft Dictate is very easy to install. You’ll find it at https://dictate.azurewebsites.net/. Once Dictate has been installed it adds an extra menu item to Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office packages.

Microsoft Dictate comes with a whole range of options such as support for twenty languages, real time translation to sixty languages, commands such as ‘new line’ , ‘enter’, and ‘stop dictation’.  One slight drawback is the need to be on line whilst using the product.  When you are dictating, there is a slight delay between speaking and the words appearing on the screen, and this may seem a little strange until you get used to it.  As with all speech recognition products, you need to speak clearly and use a good quality microphone. 

Why not give Microsoft Dictate a try.  I am sure you’ll be very pleased with the results.